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Magic The Gathering: Commander Collection – Green Premium – Ingles


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Commander Collection Green Premium is very exclusive and only available for Premium WPN Stores.

Do you like to play Commander, is green your favorite color and do you like foils? Then this collection of cards definitely not be missing in your collection!

Commander Collection Green is a limited product with eight highly sought after foil reprints. The cards are specially selected for the Commander players who like to play with the color green. All eight cards are foil and feature beautiful new art. Some of the new art pays homage to well-known Legendary Creatures from the Magic: the Gathering multiverse. The Sol Ring and Command Tower may not be green, but the art has been modified to fit perfectly into a green deck.

Give your green Commander Decks a well-deserved upgrade with this beautiful set of cards!

Commander Collection Green includes:

8 highly sought after foil reprints specially selected for Commander
– Beautiful new art for each card
– Some cards are foil available for the first time!

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