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Murano (Inglés)

40.00 28.00

1x Game Board
1x Bag
50x Tokens
8x Ships(1x red, 7x black)
40x Character Cards
47x Coins
42x Street Tiles
12x Glass Factory Tiles
12x Shop Tiles
12x Palace Tiles
12x Special Building Tiles
30x Glass Beads
32x Gondoliers
60x Markers
15x Special Building Cards


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Idioma: Inglés.

As in Venice, the islands of Murano are separated by canals, so gondolas and transportation are at the heart of this game. The game board depicts the islands of Murano, with the islands being divided up into building sites and walkways. Surrounding the islands is a series of action spaces, with gondolas being present in some number of them at the start of play. On a turn, you move one of the gondolas in the direction of play to an empty space, then take the action shown there. You can’t pass another gondola while moving or land in an occupied space, but for a coin you can move a gondola that’s in front of the gondola you want to move, and you can pay to move multiple gondolas, if needed. Some actions place shops on the islands, with shops coming in different types. You also need to take actions to move your personal gondolas to islands so that you can take actions there. Why are you doing all of this activity? To score victory point cards in hand, and actions on the board will let you gain additional VP cards to give you direction to your actions or let you profit from what you’ve already done.

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